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If you believe that only dirty houses catch mold, you might be wrong. Whether it’s your home or office, mold can be present anywhere. What’s even scarier? Often people don’t know that their house has mold.

Mold infestation, if not treated on time, can be a threat to your health. Even before you know it, mold can spread across your house, causing structural damage to your property and affecting the investment.

The longer you let the mold grow, the more damage it will cause.

To avoid serious health consequences, the growing mold needs to be treated at the earliest.

We at Ninja Group provide mold remediation and inspection services to make your home safe for you and your family. Our mold inspectors carefully examine your home interiors. We leverage state-of-the-art technology to test for molds and determine the conditions causing its spread. We also provide mold remediation services to restore your home to your healthy-happy place.

Primary Mold

  • Primary mold situation is when mold colonizes on an organic material and gained moisture from a direct water source like a flood or plumbing leak. More often than not, this is the most common scenario we find in homes during our mold removal consultations.
  • Remediation of primary mold situations usually involve a containment zone with HEPA filtering, negative pressure air control. 
  • Usually involves removing of damaged building material
  •  Commonly found in areas of water intrusion
  • Photo to the right shows a primary mold situation


Secondary Mold (surface mold):

  • Secondary mold situation is when mold colonizes from extended periods of time with humidity levels above 55%
  • Remediation of secondary mold situations usually involve air filtering, air treatment(s) and detailed cleaning, which can sound like quite a lot, but we will go through what all is necessary and our service’s price range during our mold removal consultation.
  • Commonly found on items that did not come into direct contact with water
  • Usually does NOT involve removing of building materials
  • Photo to the left shows secondary/surface mold on green chair
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