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We are a local company that is dedicated to improving the comfort and air quality in homes and businesses. With extensive experience in the HVAC industry, we consider ourselves heating and AC experts and we pride ourselves on offering the best air conditioning services available in the area.

We have used Ninja Group Inc.  AC & Heating exclusively for years and always have received professional, prompt and dependable service. Highly recommend!

The air quality of space highly influences your mood as you step into an enclosed building. It is the HVAC system of your home which ensures that the temperature and humidity are well-adjusted to provide maximum comfort.

HVAC systems aren’t only about keeping your home cool or warm. They maintain a pleasing atmosphere and keep your home cozy throughout the year. Routine care of your HVAC systems post-appropriate installation provides you with the best air conditioning experience.

Looking for heating and cooling services to enhance the air quality of your home or commercial space? We provide HVAC installation and maintenance as per your needs. Our team of professionals with an extensive understanding of the HVAC industry assists you in selecting the ideal air conditioning systems for your home. We go the extra mile to provide first-rate services and enrich your lifestyle. With Ninja Group, experience living in the most comfortable abode without burning a hole in your pocket.

Timothy B. Schaumburg, IL 

Our goal is customer satisfaction, and we want to ensure your peace of mind by providing you with a knowledgeable and competent staff in all areas of home comfort. Gas-fired furnaces, electric air handlers, and air/water source heat pumps are just some of the ways your home can be heated. We also offer the latest in ductless systems from American Standard, which allow you to completely customize your system to you and your home’s individual needs. We specialize in HVAC installation & repair in Chicago and surrounding suburbs. It is very important for any of these systems to be properly installed and maintained. This is where our expertise comes in and allows us to solve all your Air Conditioning and Heating problems.

We work hard to ensure that we give the best service to our customers around the DFW metroplex. Keeping you cool and warm is our goal!

  • Residential AC & Heating Repair
  • Commercial AC & Heating Repair
  • New System Installs
  • Furnace Repair & Installs
  • Maintenance
  • Air Filters
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