How To Clean Up Mold Properly

Mold infestation is a hassle that ruins your home and puts your health at risk. If it isn’t cleaned for a long time, it spreads and becomes a nightmare, especially for people suffering from respiratory problems. Hence, your house must be free of mold as soon as possible. Here are the steps to follow for proper cleaning up of mold:

  1. Protect Yourself
    The first step is to avoid exposing yourself to the fungus at any cost. Make sure that you’re equipped with protective gear to prevent any contact with the mold. Wear old clothes that you can discard after clean-up and use an N-95 mask, gloves, and goggles.
  2. Seal The Affected Area
    The next step is to seal the room from the rest of the house. It will prevent the mold from spreading further. Cover all the air vents in the room with plastic sheets and tape. Use plastic sheeting to seal the doorway.
  3. Clean Moldy Surface
    If absorbent materials such as carpet and wall sheathing become moldy, you may have to throw them away. For hard surfaces, scrub them off with cleaner and a brush till the signs of mold disappear.
  4. Vacuum Up The Debris
    Once you have cleaned the affected area, you need to remove the remaining moldy residue and dry out the place. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean thoroughly and dispose of the filter. You might also have to wash the tank, hose, and other attachments with a solution of bleach and water.
  5. Confine
    The final step is to repair and encapsulate the area. To prevent the mold from coming back, apply a layer of whitewash and paint wooden surfaces with oil-based primers. Install new insulations on the walls where required.

Remember that the key to preventing mold is to control moisture. If moisture returns, it’s likely that mold will also return. So, make sure to keep your home clean and dry. Also, if you are not sure about cleaning the mold yourself, consult with a mold inspection and remediation experts.

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