Engineering & Architectural Services

The first step towards the formation of every marvelous structure is a great design. Whether you want to build your dream home or retail construction for your business, architecture, and engineering plays a massive role in a project’s success.

A building’s design determines the resources required and the time taken for the completion of the project. Without a solid architectural design, your project may take a long time and exceed the budget. So, you need to trust the job with a team of reliable and experienced designers, architects, engineers, and project managers.

With Ninja Group, you get comprehensive engineering and architectural services tailored to your needs. We conceptualize your ideas into sketches and designs through 3D modeling. Whether it’s your home or office space, we combine your desired styles and requirements innovation to construct the space you have always wanted. Turn your dream project into reality. Book a consultation with us to discuss your ideas.


Make your dream a reality!

Start with a simple sketch. Our architects can take your idea, and turn it into an oasis. Our team accompanies you until the completion of your project!



Ninja Group Inc. architects are ready to take on your residential project. When it comes to residential housing, we blend creativity with your preferred modern or traditional styles and maximize the use of your space in a customized and effective design. Like to meet an experienced architect to discuss your project? Our COVID-friendly process allows you to meet one of our experienced architects on a video call and discuss your project. Our engineering services include Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Civil Engineering services.



The architects at the Her Luxury House are ready to take on your residential project. When it comes to residential housing, we blend modern and traditional styles. Our experienced architects take care of design and planning from A to Z.



If want to build or plan a family house, we are here to do the engineering and architectural services for you. Please call to get a quote and talk to our expert architects.



Do you need a new office space? We can plan, build and deliver your perfect office. Our professional architects will ensure that things move efficiently, safely and to your specific needs. Call our office today for a quote, and get started on your dream space!

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