We work closely with our customers, as we are committed to safety, quality, integrity and customer service. Our goal is to earn a client’s trust by being persistent problem solvers, demonstrating the passion we have for this work. We believe that earning and maintaining that trust requires delivering consistently at the highest level of service.
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Nothing shows our commitment to quality and superior craftsmanship like our 95% Customer Satisfaction Rating. Customer service is at the core of all we do. It is our top priority and drives continuous design, process and building enhancements.

Thank you and your crews for a job well done. I couldn’t be more pleased. Most of all thank you for caring at a time when my life was upside-down

Wilda C.
Building construction project

These guys totally get it. And they were also willing to work with a budget. The service is solid.

Taylor C.
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Very glad with their service, will recommend this company to my friends !

George D.
Building construction project

We have used Ninja Group Inc.  AC & Heating exclusively for years and always have received professional, prompt and dependable service. Highly recommend!

Brielle Hillam

Very happy with the company and service they did. They showed up as they promised and price was reasonable.

Evonne Walter
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Small-scale to Medium-scale projects we can help you with where we deliver buildings by maximizing value and reducing waste throughout project delivery.


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Compliance and quality control are key tenets in minimizing risks to customer by ensuring that vendors meet established service levels and undergo performance monitoring

The highest quality and trusted home remodeling company for your desired project, you are at the right place.

We are a family-owned dealership in Chicago that seeks to bring the best value mobile, manufactured, and modular homes to the Northern Illinois markets. We aim to serve our customers with quality service that lasts well beyond delivery!

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We are committed to helping our clients Build Better Construction Companies. We only work with construction companies and contractors. As experienced contractors and business owners, we understand how our customers think and operate, which is why they choose us to help solve their most important challenges.

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