Building today for better tomorrow

Property Preservation

Provides comprehensive property inspection and maintenance services on a  national scale with local expertise

Project perfect approach

Leverage agile frameworks to provide a robust synopsis for high level overviews.

Always quality materials

Iterative approaches to corporate strategy foster collaborative thinking.


Organically grow the holistic world view of disruptive innovation via workplace.

How we started

What makes Ninja Group different than the competition is rooted in our ground floor beginnings, our commitment to project transparency, our character of integrity, our dedication to quality, and our process of superior communication.

Our mission is to set the tone of difference and create better practices that are more efficient, honest, and transparent in construction. We are determined to define the new future of building and construction by setting a standard that the generations prior have tarnished.

The Future growth of Ninja Group Construction is built upon the relationships we continue to build today.



Ninja Group Company Founded

Guaranteed Quality Construction (Ninja Group Inc.) were founded to do residential/commerical masonry serive. Comapny were focused to provide quality service by European crafstmanship. As masonry contractor company had expertise to work on different project scopes.


Industrial Construction Projects

Industry expertise helped us to scale the bussiness to the capacity of handaling Industrial projects. We had experience to build project like: Industrial Warehouses, Elevator Shaft, Retaining walls and more…

Site Construction Services


Residential Projects in Europe Countries

Due to demand and exponential growth company shifted their operations to Eastern European Countries. Company established their reputation as a masonry expert in Europe building Multi- Residential Building. Company also were involved in multiple historical renovation projects.
real estate concept
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Ninja Group Started

Ninja Group Inc. leads the industry in managing a full scope of mortgage field services on vacant, defaulted, and foreclosed properties. Ninja Group Inc. has a commitment to delivering excellent customer service and performing at the highest levels of quality, timeliness, and cost-effectiveness.

Through our investment in technology, ongoing education, and rigorous quality control we measure and monitor all aspects of service delivery to assure that we continuously meet or exceed industry guidelines and client expectations.
Creating professionals


Taking Over State of Illinois

Our business model has allowed for efficent and steady growth in the Illinois area. This year we are happy to announce having 11 vendors/teams working with us. Dedicated and profesional service we provide created us team player and superior performance that exceeds out client expectations.
Site Construction Services image


Mike Bielovas appointed US CEO

As an expert in the Information System and Real Estate fields industries, Mike is dedicated to build best practices to protect the integrity and value of our nation’s housing stock, to deliver the most efficient and cost-effective services in the industry, and to work on behalf of our clients to comply with all regulatory requirements.
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