5 Steps To Tarp A Roof Like A Pro

Unexpected storms are likely to cause damage to your roof. But what if the roofer can’t come and fix it right away? You don’t want the rainwater to damage your home further. At such times, you must know how to repair your roof temporarily. Here are five steps to tarp a roof like a pro:

  1. Examine The Damage
    The first step is to determine the parts of your roof that have been damaged. Use a ladder to reach the roof with utmost care and closely inspect for broken shingles and other damages.
  2. Gather Your Tools
    Next, you will need tools to install the tarp over the roof. Select a large tarp that covers and extends past the damaged areas. With a tarp, you will also need pieces of lumber and a
    utility knife.
  3. Remove Debris
    Before installing the tarp, you need to clear any loose debris such as leaves, branches, nails, shingles, etc. If the debris is left behind, it can hamper the flow of water and choke drains,
    causing more damage to the roof.
  4. Wrap The Tarp
    Next, take the tarp and roll it over the damaged area. Ensure that the tarp extends by at least 3 inches on both sides. Also, stretch the tarp tight so there are no wrinkles and the damaged
    area is properly covered.
  5. Secure The Tarp
    After pulling the tarp, you will need to wrap its end around a piece of lumber. It prevents the tarp from flapping around. After rolling the edges into the wooden word, secure the board to
    the roof, with screws and nails.

Though a temporary repair isn’t a long-term solution, it can save your home from thousands of dollars worth of damage. It’s crucial to detect problems early, get an examination right away, and make the essential roof repairs to hold you over until a roofing professional comes.

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